It is with great sadness that we have to bid farewell to our Chairwoman and dear friend Ingmar Zeisberg-Speer née Muhes.

After a fulfilled life, she died peacefully in her sleep on 12 October 2022.

We shall remember Ingmar, the widow of our esteemed founder Prof. Albert Speer, in best memory.


Der Award der Professor Albert Speer – Stiftung 2022 „Zukunft Stadt und Landschaft – Strategien und Projekte zu urbaner Resilienz und Klimawandel“ knüpft an die Fördertradition der Stiftung an und prämiiert Abschlussarbeiten, die sich mit Zukunftsfragen von Stadt und Landschaft auseinandergesetzt haben.


The Professor Albert Speer – Foundation was established in 1994 by Prof. Albert Speer. The Foundation’s mission is to support and educate students and graduates in the fields of architecture and planning who have not yet turned 35. Fellowship holders are supported in realizing outstanding projects and the Foundation also advances architecture and planning at the international level.

Management Board and Board of Trustees

Gerda Schneider and Prof. em. Dr. Bernd Scholl form the Management Board of the Professor Albert Speer  Foundation.  The Board of Trustees consists of three members: Ingmar Zeisberg-Speer, chairwoman and widow of the founder Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Albert Speer, and Dipl.-Ing. Friedbert Greif, Managing Partner at AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH, and Hanskarl Protzmann, formerly Frankfurt Municipal Buildings Officer.


The Foundation’s mission is to realize cultural and scientific events, projects in the applied arts, lectures, courses and other events of a cultural or scientific nature or in the applied arts or teaching – in the overall field of architecture and planning. Prizes are bestowed for outstanding achievements and scholarships awarded to promote young researchers in the fields of architecture and planning.